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Visual Artist based in India.

Hi, I’m Umang. I create

beautiful Character DesignsillustrationsPortrait sketches

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— I’ve worked with global brands:
— I build design with a purpose

An visual artist specializing in imaginative character designs, Mascot logos, and lively digital illustrations.

As a character designer, I bring your creations to life with colorful designs tailored for cartoons, movies, and animation. I turn your visions into lovable protagonists and dynamic characters that leap off the screen.

As a concept artist, I mold original personalities and roles to conceptualize eye-catching heroes, villains, and companions suitable for any game genre including RPG, adventure, strategy, and more.

As your mascot designer and cartoon logo artist, I shape fun, memorable brand mascots and custom illustrations that delight your target audience and perfectly encapsulate the essence of your product or company.


Traditional art

Paintings, drawings, mixed media - I make all kinds of art in different styles. Portraits, modern art - you imagine it, I'll create it!

Paintings Oil ColorAcrylicsWatercolor

Portrait sketches

Portrait paintings from photos

Charcoal life drawing and sketches


Character Design

I design fun characters for games, cartoons, animation, logos - you name it! I bring them to life with lots of colorful details and personality to the characters.

Character concepts for Games AnimationBrands

Illustrations and avatars

100% original Design

No Ai characters from scratch


Brand Strategy

I create logos, website graphics, branding images - visual you need to showcase your company. My designs tell your brand's story.


Visual branding identity

Web Illustrations

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